Native Profile – Miss Blackfoot Canada 2011

By Lynn Calf Robe on September 12, 2011
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Tasheena Black Kettle

Interview with Miss Blackfoot Canada 2011

By Lynn Calf Robe

When were you crowned Miss Blackfoot Canada?

I was crowned at the International Peace Pow Wow in Lethbridge, Alberta on Feb 28-29th.

What is your role as Miss Blackfoot Canada?

My role as Miss Blackfoot Canada is to represent and be an ambassador for the Blackfoot people.  I will represent our people in a positive way, and be a good role model for the younger Native American people and show them that they can do anything they put their mind to.

How has this experience been for you?

This experience has been a very uplifting and awesome experience. I really enjoy travelling all over to many different pow wows, and meeting new Native American people as well as seeing old friends too.

How did you become involved?

I first became involved with this pageant last year. I ran for the first time and was second runner up, and I ran again this year and ended up winning the title. Also a lot of people had told me to run for the title, because they thought I would be a good role model for Native Americans.

What kinds of things are you learning as Miss Blackfoot Canada?

I am learning different cultures and learning more about our Native American culture & our language. I am more fluent in Blackfoot after winning and also I am learning the value of our people and being Miss Blackfoot Canada has made me be more proud to be a Blackfoot Woman.

What advice would you give others who want to compete in this pageant or others like it?

The advice I would give to the Native American girls wanting to run, would be to be positive, outgoing and more open. Don’t be scared to take risks and don’t be nervous, you can do anything you put your mind to; YOU just have to be positive.

What is the best thing about being Miss Blackfoot Canada?

The best thing about being Miss Blackfoot Canada is having the honor of being acknowledged as an ambassador for the Blackfoot people and being able to travel everywhere on the pow wow trail.

What is the most challenging thing about holding this title?

Challenges I face is when I sometimes do not have the time to spend at home on Siksika because of all the travelling I do, and it is also tiring always being on the go every weekend for a pow wow. There are times I want to just relax and not do anything, but I want to embrace the time left I have of my reign and just really enjoy being Miss Blackfoot Canada while I can.


I am 18 years old.


I am a recent high school graduate from Bassano School.


I am not employed at the moment.

Do you prefer winter or summer?

I prefer the sun but I like the winter because its my birthday.  My most favorite thing about summer would have to be travelling to different pow wows on the trail and seeing old Native American friends & also meeting new ones.

If you were stranded on an island what three things would you need to have?

If I was stranded on an island I would want my cell, some food, & a friend so I wouldn’t be lonely lol.

Who is your Role Model?

That is my older sister Desiree, because she has succeeded at so many things in life, at a young age.

When is your next pageant?

The next pageant is next February, on the 28-29.

What are some future plans?

My future plans are to attend Mount Royal University and study in forensic science and receive my PhD in Criminology.




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3 Responses to “Native Profile – Miss Blackfoot Canada 2011”


    Keep up the awesum job Tasheena~soo proud of you for representing your tribe!!

  2. tasheena black kettle says:

    thank you :) i very proud to rep. the blackfoot people ..

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